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Sew by Row

Sew by Row

Saturdays: 6/22, 7/27, 8/24, 9/28


Class fee: $100 and includes 4 sessions and pattern


Details: Skill level is Intermediate. Class size is 8 to 10. Class fee is $100 for 4 sessions. Class time: 10 am- 3 pm (store closes at 4pm on Saturdays). If you elect not to pay in advance, the store will keep your credit card on

file and charge $25 each month for 4 months. You will receive the pattern when you sign up for the class. We

will work on two rows per class. Note: class will be canceled if there are not at least 8 students.


Pattern, sewing machine in good working order with .” foot, machine manual, cutting mat, medium and small

rulers, rotary cutter with fresh blade, regular quilting notions, fabric glue stick if you have one, small iron and

pad, marking pen or pencil. Because there are so many seams, I recommend that you use a strong, thin thread

like Aurifil 50wt. Due to there being so many seams, we will also spend time in the first class perfecting your

“scant” . “


Recommendation...not necessary but I found extremely helpful in making this quilt. I starch heavy and

recommend it for this pattern because there are so very many small pieces that are apt to fray with the

amount of handling they will receive. Here’s how I starch. I take a large piece of plastic (I use shower curtain

liner or plastic table cloth from the $1 store), lay it on the floor, lay my fabric face down and slather it with

spray starch. Leave it on the floor to dry and then press it with steam. No need to iron it dry...too much time

consuming work. Important note: After you have used the plastic turn it over and use a fresh side to avoid

flakes from the previous spray getting on your fabric. Do the starching before you cut the fabric.

Class 1: 6/22/19

Starch, cut and bring fabrics for rows 1 & 2 (scissors & pin cushions)

Class 2: 7/27/19

Starch, cut and bring fabrics for rows 3 & 4 (sewing machines and quilt blocks)

Class: 3 8/24/19

Starch, cut and bring fabrics for rows 5 & 6 (irons & spools)

Class 4: 9/28/19

Starch, cut and bring fabrics for row 7 (fabric stacks). In class 4 we’ll discuss sashing rows and borders.

Email with any questions: Shirley Brown 

Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Shirley Brown

Sew by Row

$ 25.00